Our team of audio and piezo MEMS semiconductor experts are disrupting the $10B speaker market with the first True MEMS speakers. xMEMS addresses in-ear personal audio devices delivering a new combination of audio fidelity, size, energy consumption and uniformity not possible with traditional voice coil or hybrid MEMS approaches.

With on-the-go media consumption on the rise (subscription music, podcasts, video, audiobooks, mobile gaming), consumers are increasingly demanding enhanced audio quality and extended listen times between charges.

A New Era in Audio

Introducing Montara, the world’s first True MEMS speaker offering several pioneering capabilities for personal audio devices:

Full Bandwidth Speaker for Sealed-Ear Designs (20Hz-20kHz)

Monolithic MEMS Process eliminates calibration & driver matching

Water/Dust Resistant

High Resonant Frequency = High Fidelity @ High Frequency


10,000g Shock Resistance

Fab, Not Factory

Until now, the industry has relied on antiquated, centuries-old multi-component voice coil speakers requiring labor-intensive, high variability factory assembly lines.

xMEMS leverages semiconductor precision and manufacturing scalability.

  • Micron-level precision and scalability of semiconductor process
  • Speaker-to-speaker uniformity and repeatability
  • Piezo MEMS drive creates speakers with faster mechanical response

We are bringing a new era in sound by replacing decades old, manually-assembled, highly-variable voice-coil speaker technology including dynamic drivers and balanced armature drivers, with a high-precision, high consistency, monolithic semiconductor process.

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