xMEMS Announces Montara Plus, our 2nd Generation High-Sensitivity Solid-State MEMS Speaker for Hi-Res Audiophile-Grade IEMs

xMEMS Announces Montara Plus, our 2nd Generation High-Sensitivity Solid-State MEMS Speaker for Hi-Res Audiophile-Grade IEMs

iFi Audio and Singularity Audio will be launch partners for DAC/amp and IEMs respectively, ushering in the era of Solid-State Fidelity

Santa Clara, CA., USA  January 4, 2023 – xMEMS Labs today introduced Montara Plus, its 2nd generation high-res full-range (20Hz to 40KHz) monolithic MEMS micro speaker. At just 64mm3, Montara Plus delivers 120dB SPL at 1kHz. Montara Plus is an ideal full-bandwidth transducer for audiophile-level high-resolution IEMs, creating a path to smaller, lighter, simpler IEM designs without the phase alignment and design complexities of multi-driver IEM implementations. Engineering samples in both side-fire and top-fire package implementations will be available in March 2023, with mass production in Q3 of 2023.

Montara Plus benefits from the inherent advantages of xMEMS’ solid-state micro speaker technology, namely lightning-fast transient response, near-zero phase shift and +/-1° part-to-part phase consistency paving the way to the most natural sounding IEMs with the most accurate time domain music reproduction. For manufacturers, the solid-state semiconductor process yields a highly uniform and reliable driver that eliminates the need to match and calibrate.

xMEMS is offering a Montara Plus evaluation kit for IEM and DAC/amp manufacturers, as well as audiophiles and enthusiasts who are excited by and want to experience this new solid-state transducer technology. The evaluation kit includes 3D printed Montara Plus earbuds and a DC bias supply for driving Montara Plus IEMs from a list of pre-qualified standard headphone amplifiers from the likes of HIFIMAN, S.M.S.L, and Topping. The kit (EVK-XSM-2400-B) is available for purchase at store.xmems.com.

“The response from the HiFi audio community to xMEMS’ Montara family of Solid-State micro speakers has been tremendous. Audiophiles are quick to appreciate the fast transient response, phase consistency, wide bandwidth, reduced breakup, and precise reproduction from a single, small transducer,” said Mike Housholder, xMEMS VP of Marketing and Business Development. “We’re excited to have iFi and Singularity as launch partners to accelerate the era of solid-state IEMs for HiFi consumers, getting us that much closer to IEM-endgame.”

“The decision to design an IEM around xMEMS’ technology was obvious from the first moments of listening to their demonstration unit. We were floored by the speed and resolving power offered by their micro speakers and have been thrilled with the application support and guidance that they have provided,” said Nicholas Palomarez, CEO of Singularity Audio. “Our upcoming Oni IEM embodies purity in sound and design, and features twin xMEMS drivers enclosed in a titanium shell. The Oni IEM will be revealed at CES and will be available for preorder early Q1 of 2023.” https://www.singularityaud.io

“iFi Audio is excited to be working with xMEMS as an official DAC/headphone amp technology partner,” said Victoria Pickles, Head of Partnerships for iFi Audio. “xMEMS’ groundbreaking micro speakers offer great potential to push the boundaries of IEM and headphone performance. And our portable audio technologies are uniquely positioned to ensure this potential is fully realized. With specially optimised iFi DAC/headphone amps set for launch in 2023, it’s going to be an xCITING year!” https://ifi-audio.com

About xMEMS Labs, Inc.

Founded in January 2018, xMEMS Labs is reinventing sound with the world’s first solid-state True MEMS speakers for TWS and other personal audio devices. xMEMS has over 100 granted patents worldwide for its technology. The innovative, monolithic transduction architecture implements both actuation and diaphragm in silicon producing the world’s fastest and most precise micro speakers, eliminating spring and suspension recovery of coil speakers. This results in the most accurate time domain music reproduction, unmatched sound clarity, and an elevated sense of space. For more information, visit https://xmems.com.

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