Reference Designs

True Wireless Stereo




Sleep Bud


Hearing Assistance


Harding: 2-way TWS

Harding is xMEMS’ reference design for 2-way True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds. Featuring xMEMS Cowell MEMS microspeaker, Harding delivers superior high-frequency response and clarity. With the turn-key ODM design, Harding accelerates time-to-market. Contact to request access to the design files as the starting point for your own TWS project with xMEMS inside…

What’s Inside
Design Goals
  • Turn-key ODM design with fully integrated and tuned acoustics & electronics
  • Delivers thumping bass with custom-designed 9-mm DD woofer
  • Achieves startingly realistic mids & highs with Cowell tweeter
  • Qualcomm QCC5171 TWS SoC
  • 3-mics per earbud support ANC and voice calls

Cinnabar: 2-way TWS with DynamicVent

Cinnabar is xMEMS’ reference design for 2-way True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds with active ambient control. Cinnabar enhances our Harding design by adding the xMEMS Skyline DynamicVent for active control of the ambient leak into the earbud, enabling the best of open-fit and closed-fit earbuds in a single product.

Design Goals
  • Superior audio quality with Cowell tweeter
    • Achieve startingly realistic mids & highs
    • Improved spatial imaging
  • World’s first active ambient control with Skyline DynamicVent
    • Improved passive noise isolation
    • More natural passthrough mode
    • Reduced occlusion effects
    • Enhanced midrange noise cancelation

Presidio: 2-way Headphone

Presidio is xMEMS’ reference design for dual driver headphones. Featuring xMEMS Cowell MEMS Speaker, Presidio delivers unmatched clarity, detail and spatial imaging. Leading headphone ODMs are actively integrating the Presidio architecture. Contact to request access to the design files as the starting point for your own headphone project with xMEMS inside…

What’s Inside
Design Goals
  • Improved mid and high frequencies, vocals, and spatial imaging
  • Simplified back-volume acoustic tuning for faster time-to-market
  • Reduced weight for improved wearing comfort
  • Reduced system cost via lower cost dynamic driver
  • Unified system architecture for closed-back and open-back product variants

Spyglass: Sleep Buds

Spyglass is xMEMS’ reference design for sleep buds. Using xMEMS’ Skyline DynamicVent and DSP noise detection, Spyglass delivers improved comfort and next-level noise isolation. Leading ODMs are actively designing solutions using the Spyglass architecture. Contact to request access to the design files as the starting point for your own project with xMEMS inside…

Design Goals
  • Skyline Vent closes when DSP detects high ambient noise:
    • Superior passive isolation to block ambient and snore noise
  • Skyline Vent opens when DSP detects low ambient noise:
    • Ear pressure relief, improved comfort
    • Reduced occlusion effects (e.g., breathing noise, body movements)
    • Ambient passthrough
    • Spatial awareness
  • Cowell full-bandwidth micro speaker plays calming music or white noise
  • Integrated microphone for snore noise detection

Spyglass: Hearing Assistance

xMEMS reference design for hearing assistance devices featuring xMEMS Cowell MEMS microspeaker and Skyline DynamicVent.

Design Goals
  • Ultra-thin earbud profile; fits deep inside the ear
  • With Cowell MEMS Speaker:
    • Reduced size, height and weight vs. balanced armature
    • Wider bandwidth for voice & media/music
      • No roll-off after 8kHz
    • Superior clarity and fidelity
    • Linear response, reduced resonant peaks
    • Superior reliability & robustness; IP-58 rated
    • High-volume production/Automated supply chain
    • No magnet = Reduced EMI
  • With Skyline DynamicVent actively switch between open-fit and closed-fit:
    • Skyline Vent closed:
      • Superior passive isolation to block ambient noise
    • Skyline Vent opened:
      • Reduced occlusion effects (e.g., self-voice, footsteps, breathing noise, body movements)
      • Ear pressure relief, improved comfort
      • Ambient passthrough
      • Spatial awareness