xMEMS and Bujeon Electronics Announce Immediate Availability of 2-way Speaker Modules for Hi-Res, Lossless TWS Earbuds

xMEMS and Bujeon Electronics Announce Immediate Availability of 2-way Speaker Modules for Hi-Res, Lossless TWS Earbuds

Santa Clara, CA., USA & Ansan, South Korea January 4, 2023 – xMEMS Labs and Bujeon Electronics today introduced a family of 2-way speaker modules to accelerate design of next generation high-resolution and lossless audio-capable TWS earbuds leveraging xMEMS’ solid-state MEMS microspeaker technology. The modules integrate a thumping, high-performance 9-mm dynamic drive woofer custom-designed by Bujeon, xMEMS’ Cowell tweeter, the world’s smallest monolithic MEMS µspeaker at just 22mm3, and xMEMS’ Aptos MEMS speaker amplifier to create a “drop-in” speaker solution compatible with today’s leading TWS system-on-chips.

Cowell’s superior high frequency response enables a wider soundstage versus single-driver TWS earbuds delivering new levels of clarity and presence to speech, vocals and instrumentals, allowing the woofer to focus on low frequency energy required for deep bass response and active noise cancelation.

The BEM-1xx and BEM-2xx family of 2-way woofer/tweeter modules are sampling now and offer a thin and compact footprint: 4.5mm height (speakers only) and 9.52mm diameter. The woofer and tweeter have been perfectly matched in the module design, eliminating the need, cost and complexity of analog or digital crossovers. TWS manufacturers are offered several configuration options to best suit their individual earbud design, including the ability to integrate a feedback microphone onto the module and to integrate the Aptos amplifier onto the module or to move this circuitry to their main PCB. Mass production of the modules will start in Q2’23.

“The leap forward in fidelity offered by xMEMS solid-state MEMS speakers comes at the perfect time as TWS manufacturers prepare solutions supporting hi-res, lossless codecs,” said Mike Housholder, xMEMS VP of Marketing and Business Development. “Our partnership with Bujeon leverages their proven manufacturing prowess spanning dynamic drive speakers, speaker module design and mass production of complete TWS   earbuds with leading consumer brands to offer solutions to our mutual customers that accelerate time-to-market.”

“It is a great honor to have had the opportunity to work with xMEMS on an innovative audio solution.” said Dong Hyun Seo, President of Bujeon Electronics. “Through a close collaboration, xMEMS’ pioneering MEMS speakers and Bujeon’s various audio experience and technology have successfully combined to develop a complete audio module for TWS. And we expect and are confident that we can deliver superb performance to TWS earbud OEMs, achieving next-level sound fidelity not possible with conventional approaches.”

About xMEMS Labs, Inc.

Founded in January 2018, xMEMS Labs is reinventing sound with the world’s first solid-state True MEMS speakers for TWS and other personal audio devices. xMEMS has over 100 granted patents worldwide for its technology. The innovative, monolithic transduction architecture implements both actuation and diaphragm in silicon producing the world’s fastest and most precise micro speakers, eliminating spring and suspension recovery of coil speakers. This results in the most accurate time domain music reproduction, unmatched sound clarity, and an elevated sense of space. For more information, visit https://xmems.com.

About Bujeon Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Bujeon Electronics is the global leading manufacturer of advanced acoustics technology with a heritage of 30 years since its establishment in 1988. Currently, we are developing and supplying various audio parts and products through continuous technological innovation, securing various patent technologies, and adding a outstanding user experience through audio by cooperating with global tech leading companies. We are a specialized manufacturing company that operates two production sites in Vietnam that secures vertically-integrated and automated manufacturing capabilities, and aims to satisfy customers with the top level quality. We are always on channel with various customer to create a happier life for employees and customers through tech innovation. For more information, please visit  http://www.bujeon.com or watch https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBxYHsHZCuq2ec3x3GwLuhQ/featured

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