The World’s First Solid-State Semiconductor MEMS Speaker

Our monolithic MEMS speakers implement both actuation and diaphragm in silicon producing the world’s fastest and most precise micro speakers for true wireless (TWS) earphones, digital hearing aids, and other personal audio electronics, including smart glasses and sleep buds.

Next-Level Audio Experiences…

…deserve Solid-State Fidelity with xMEMS’ Semiconductor MEMS Speaker Solution.

Solid State Uniformity
1° Spatial Accuracy & Separation
World’s Fastest Transient Response
Superior Clarity & Fidelity
Silicon Diaphragm
Dynamic Vent

A New Era in Audio

Solid-State Fidelity™

Our patented silicon-based MEMS speaker technology is reinventing sound by offering several pioneering capabilities for personal audio devices:

Full Bandwidth Speaker for Sealed-Ear Designs (20Hz-20kHz)

Monolithic MEMS Process eliminates calibration & driver matching

Water/Dust Resistant

High Resonant Frequency = High Fidelity @ High Frequency


10,000g Shock Resistance

Fab, Not Factory

MEMS Speaker Technology

Until now, the industry has relied on antiquated, centuries-old multi-component voice coil speakers requiring labor-intensive, high variability factory assembly lines.

Our MEMS speaker technology leverages semiconductor precision and manufacturing scalability.

  • Micron-level precision and scalability of semiconductor process
  • Speaker-to-speaker uniformity and repeatability
  • Piezo MEMS drive creates speakers with faster mechanical response

We are bringing a new era in sound by replacing decades old, manually-assembled, highly-variable voice-coil speaker technology including dynamic drivers and balanced armature drivers, with a high-precision, high consistency, monolithic semiconductor process.

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