xMEMS microspeaker technology is based on the inverse piezoelectric effect using piezoMEMS material and is covered by 90+ patents and over 100 patents pending.

The inverse piezoelectric effect is created by applying electrical voltage to make the piezoMEMS contract or expand, converting electrical energy to mechanical energy. This energy excites an integrated silicon membrane to move air and generate acoustic sound waves.

Unlike bulk piezoceramics or crystals, which have been used to generate low-grade speakers and buzzers for decades, xMEMS’ piezoMEMS actuators offer an increased range of movement enabling rich, loud audio.

We are partnered with a premier pure foundry MEMS manufacturer with a proven piezoMEMS process capable of producing billions of units.

This results in a speaker with the following characteristics and advantages:

  • Distinct, high-quality sound
  • Full frequency range (20Hz-20kHz)
  • Excellent high frequency fidelity due to integrated silicon membrane with high resonant frequency
  • Faster response due to direct piezo drive
Small Size and Low Power
  • Small form factor with approx. 1mm thickness, capable of replacing multiple traditional speakers
  • Low power consumption due to piezoelectric actuation (field drive) vs. current induced magnetic driven voice coil speakers
Manufacturability and Scale
  • True MEMS microspeaker with both actuation and membrane integrated
  • All-silicon process delivers accuracy, reproducibility, uniformity versus manually assembled voice coil approaches